Sacred Games 2 Review

Ganesh is the hero of the game, but many questions are solved in these parts

Sacred Games 2 Review for all eight episodes

Religion is said to be an opiate pill .. But if given with opium pill and religion? Rumor has it that we do not know what is Gochi. But it is important, if it comes to religion by connecting it, the game is khalas!

Season 2 of the Sacred Games that gives such a firing experience! This red pill is of extraordinary importance in Season 2 of the Sacred Games. What does a drug addict do to a person? What can happen? It's all shown. The pill that's important to add to the groove of the previous season! It is an experience that Ganesh Gaitonde says ... This game is very big Sardarji! You are so much higher than I thought!

The second season of the most popular Sacred Games was uploaded to Netflix on August 15th. The series also has eight episodes. In these eight sections, we get answers to many unanswered questions. Many things are getting solved. But it will not be forgotten that there are some deficiencies. It is a 25-day journey between Saif Ali Khan (Sartaj Singh) and Nawazuddin Siddiqui ie Ganesh Gaitonde. This trip arrives on D DAY…

And it ends at a point where the end is called .. so is the excitement! In the imperfection, perfection has been achieved .. And imperfection has been maintained in perfection, this is what can be called the true success of Season 2 of the Sacred Games.

The second season starts from where the first season ended. Ganesh Gaitonde has been released from jail. He is on a boat in the sea. Going to Mumbai is like a fish. Sartaj Singh, on the other hand, is struggling to prevent a nuclear attack on Mumbai. Batta (Kalki Koechlin) and Shahid Khan (Ranveer Shaury) are two new characters in the new season.

Ganesh Gaitonde has lived in Africa. From there he was brought to Croatia. He lives in Guruji's ashram. Guruji's ashram is also here in Mumbai. Sartaj also feels the need to visit this Ashram. Hiding identity, he goes to Guruji's ashram where he meets him. Then they both get to know exactly what the game is and how it was designed.

Sartaj Singh is trying to solve everything by climbing the same steps that Ganesh Gaitonde has gone up. It is evolving .. it is happening… and it keeps listening to you momentarily. Guruji, Pankaj Tripathi's childhood has also been shown. Why would he want to end Tamasuga and bring him back to Satyuga? What is his plan for this? What would he have waited 25 years for? Understanding all this, we find ourselves immersed in the second season of the Sacred Games.

Pankaj Tripathi fulfills this role in such a way that you cannot think of anyone else in Guruji's place. The grip on words, the hassle of trying to convince another, the appearance of the sattva, the quietness of hearing the shiva, the emotions on the face of the yogi man, he has captured all. We can see what mistakes Ganesh Gaitonde has made.

Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Sartaj Singh. It sounds like a top-to-bottom goalie and Saif doesn't think his role is a huge achievement! That is also the case of Sartaj. There is no doubt that the role of Ganesh Gaitonde is a milestone in Nawazuddin's life. Sometimes it feels like "kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai" ! Ganesh who says this sees all the stages in his life.Ganesh, Kukku, who was murdered after killing his mother, Ankit Ganesh, upset at seeing Subhadra dead;Parulekar, Bhosale, Trivedi, Dilbag Singh and Sartaj are all characters, but the heroes seem to be gluey and the hero seems to be Ganesha! Ashwathama I am! In the seventh episode of the second season, Pankaj Tripathi, namely Guruji and Ganesh Gayatonde, has an episode. It does not really break the strength that both of these actors have shown. Jojo, of course, plays the role of Survin Chawla.How does Jojo get into Guyatonde's life? How much and how important she is. She also answers when it comes to cowards who love her and those who shoot her in the head. Jojo's role has been fulfilled by Surveen Rice. We know that there is a link between Guruji and Gayatonde. It's too late until the cow knows it.

Sartaj Singh's mother's connection with Lahore! Shahid Khan's mother tortured The same thread between Shahid Khan and Sartaj keeps making us uncomfortable at the speed of terrorism. Sartaj's mother had the same father. In the first season it is clear that Dilbag Singh had saved Ganesh Gayatonde.Telling Dilbag Singh to be Ganesh Gayatonde Guru, How did Dilbag Singh, Saif's father, meet with both of them in the ashram of Croatia? It all comes to light. The opiate pill, the religion, the nuclear attack plan, the mob lynching, all keep meeting the past and present. The events related to it have come together very well. This time Anurag Kashyap's pair is not Vikramaditya Motwani but Neeraj Ghayavan.So the grip sometimes feels like a loose fit in the areas that are safe. But for the second season to see and understand, Patience needs. Sacred games mean sacred games. The game has begun… How does it end in the first season? The answer to all this is in the second season. Katekar, Bunty and Kantabai all continue to miss us. It seems that Bunty's role was even more wanted. But watching the second season of Sacred Games does not disappoint us.