Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi's big statement on Siddharth Shehnaaz quarrel, said nothing without Sid

Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi's big statement on Siddharth-Shehnaaz quarrel, said- 'nothing without Sid'

In 'Bigg Boss 13', Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Kaur Gill have a fight. Siddharth is not even talking to Shahnaz, which makes Shahnaz sad. Shehnaz also tried to convince Siddharth but Siddharth did not agree. After the feud between Shahnaz and Siddharth, the family members are commenting on the whole matter in their own way. At the same time, after the friendship of these two broke up, Rashmi Desai made a big statement about the relationship of Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz.

A promo was shown after the January 21 episode was over. In this promo it was shown that Shahnaz and Aarti are quarreling. Aarti says to Shahnaz- 'What is your problem? Seeing the acting, it seems that I am increasing problems between you and Siddharth. On this, Shahnaz says, "Don't come in the middle of my mater."

After this, the quarrel between Aarti and Shahnaz increases. On the other hand, Rashmi appeared in the promo talking to Asim. Rashmi says to Asim and Paras Chhabra- 'Siddharth is very important for Shahnaz's game. They are nothing without him. ' On the other hand, Paras says to Shahnaz - 'You have made #SidNaaz famous. Do you want to carry it forward or do you want to spoil it? ' In response, Shahnaz says that 'it is over now. I don't want ostentatious people in my life. Shahnaz was unhappy with Siddharth's talk before the fight with Aarti. Siddharth had told Shahnaz- 'Whoever does not belong to his parents, he will not be with anyone ... Got it and you showed it a hundred times. I do not like such people and I stay away from such people. I have seen many times .. In three months, I have let your methods go many times as a child. Many times I have to go senseless .. But I know you are very smart. I stay away from such people. Saying this, Siddharth left the garden and came to tears in Shahnaz's eyes. After this, Shahnaz said to Siddharth in the bathroom - 'I have to ask you one thing. How do you know that I am not close to my parents? ' In response, Siddharth said- 'I have wasted a lot of time and emotion on you and I don't have to now.'