Review time: Sahoo action plus romance Shradha and Bahubali Prabhas

Sahoo Movie review Shradha and Prabhas action chemistry

Review time: Sahoo action plus romance Shradha and Bahubali Prabhas

Saaho is a big budget movie. The Baahubali fame Prabhas has entered bollywood with this action packed roller - coaster. After mind blowing success of Baahubali,the audience had huge expectations from this movie. But the movie has failed to stand up to these expectations.

Saaho was in the air for last one year. Besides a well equipped star cast, the director Sujeeth Reddy gets obfuscated using them with all their potential.

The plot is usual - having thief police game. There is rivalry between two gangsters Roy( Jackie Shroff) and Dev. The black money invested in Roys office gets stolen. Roy gets killed and there is a series of burglary. An undercover cop Ashok (Prabhas) is appointed on this case. He is assisted by Amruta (Shraddaha Kapoor),Goswami (Vennela Kishore), and David (Murli Sharma). Along with the money police as well as gansters keep trailing after a Black Box'. And the chase goes on.

The charishma of Prabhas seems to be missing. What audience remembers after the movie is just his larger than life character, which is the only thing the director seems to be interested in. The action scenes are outstanding with weell choreographed fight sequences. Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning, but her character is poorly inked. Chunkey Pandey very convincingly portrayed the evil antagonist. All the others have done their job with fluency.

In one line its an action packed extravaganza with many flaws.