Ratan Tata motivational speech for student

Renowned business tycoon Ratan Tata has addressed students passing out from college on several occasions. Here are some excerpts from his speech-rich Motivations:

Ratan Tata motivational speech for student

Everything is possible, people will often hear from people around them that this cannot be done.After leaving college, it is now your duty to break such myths. There are many things that should have been done in our country, but they could not be done. The only people behind such a mentality are those who say that it is not possible to do this work. You will be the leaders of this country in the coming years. The future of this country is on your own shoulders. It is not possible to work, it cannot be done ... Do not give such thoughts a place in the mind.Look around you and see, the world is full of success examples. There are examples of all big companies.

Think from where did the ideas of making these companies come from? Where did companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon come from? These companies came into existence only when someone thought that this work could be done, it was possible.

You are expected not to look at negativity, if you think it can be the biggest thing. Also, keep in mind that no matter how successful you are in life, never leave humility.Have you ever sat near any Nobel winner? He will never let you feel that he has won such a big award. You will come to know about his greatness only from the people around him. Whatever work you have received, do little work to return it to the society.

Never judge your success on the basis of how much money you have earned, which position you have reached or how much reputation you have in society.The scale of your success should be that when you return home at night, there should be satisfaction in your mind that you have contributed towards the progress of the country and society, no matter how small that contribution is!

Be a new example of success

I am a little sad to be among you today, that I am not in your age today and am not passing out of college at a time when the business world is welcoming you. This is a very important moment for you. Obviously your responsibilities will also be bigger. You are going to be the leaders in the coming years. All of you have to fulfill the big responsibilities of the business world after leaving college and in such a situation you have no other option but to give your best. You have to do your best. To fulfill the leadership that I am talking about, I hope that you will never compromise your principles and give full importance to your values. I believe that the real leader is the one who has the vision, who longs for the hidden opportunities in the future womb and works accordingly. Well I regret that there has been a shortage of such business leaders in our country. Many of our business leaders have been followers of the world's business leaders. You have to break this trend and write your new story of success. For this, you will need determination, ability and a lot of confidence.

Apart from this, I also want to tell you that apart from earning money, position, prestige, you also have another important responsibility and you have to fulfill that responsibility with full determination. This is your responsibility in society as a human being. No matter how small a task is, but you must keep doing something which can improve the quality of life of crores of people living in rural areas of this country, change their lives. If you can do this, then you will be successful in true ways.