Women's Day:The Ethos of Womanism

International women's day know more in bharinews

In the history of human culture there is a stupendous share of women in developing the world. To commemorate women's sacrifice, achievements and struggle for equality and liberation, Women's Day is ce;ebrated on 8th March every year. However the first IWD (International Women's Day) gathering was organized on the 19th March. Thousands of women and men attended the rallies. The reason for this agitation was women's rights to work, vote, to hold public offices, reduce the working< hours.

After world war 2 women across Europe held rallies to campaign against the war. The wave was also prominent in Russia. Russia was the nation which set the trend of considering 8th March as the Women's Day. This day became official holiday in Russia in 1913. For over 100 years women proved themselves equal to men in political, social, economic and cultural realm. Many organizations, institutions declare an annual theme that underlines their support for women empowerment. The day is all about parity, advocacy and democracy. Purple colour is accepted worldwide ass the symbol fo women. Purple signifies dignity and justice. For the last century a combination of purple, green and white has been considdered for symbolizing women, which was originated from the Women's Social And Political Union in the UK in 1908.

In the 21st century 011 was celebrated fo compliting 100 years of Internatinal Women's Day. March 20 was declared as 'Women's History Month'. ' 100 Women Initiative: Empowering Women and Girls through International Exchanges' was launched by the then US General Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2011. This century has brought new hopes as the awareness about women's rights and emancipation is getting augmented. Women are showing tremendous potential in all the fields. We can see women ass legislative members, astronauts, scientists, artists who are flourishing the word with their immense efforts.

On this event of Women's Day, let us all contribute towards creating a bettter world with all the humans on the same level.