Drone is becoming a favourite weapon of terrorists

China laser weapon for Drone , India is not ready yet!

Drone is becoming a favourite weapon of terrorists

Iran is said to be involved in the attack on the Aramco oil company's refinery in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia also showed evidence in front of the media of pieces of missiles and drones used in the attack at a press conference. Meanwhile, Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels have also claimed responsibility for the attack on the refinery. China has also become aware of this attack and has started preparations to deal with drone attacks.

Terrorists have already used drones

This is not the first attack by a drone in Saudi Arabia. In May this year, Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeted a military base at Saudi Arabia's airport. Drones were also used during that time. After this attack, tension in Middle East Asia reached its peak. The presence of drones in the hands of terrorist organisations is a danger bell for all countries.

Earlier, the rebels used explosive-laden drones at Saudi Arabia's oil pumping station in Riyadh. A few days before that, the authorities had also targeted two Saudi Arabian oil tankers in the UAE watershed.

The target of drones has become President of Venezuela

Till now, terrorist organisations used rocket launchers, AK-47s or suicide bombers for attacks, but terror groups are now considering drones as new weapons.

Before the UAE's Aramco oil company refinery, Venezuelan President Maduro has also conspired to attack terrorist drones. However Maduro narrowly survived the attack. Maduro also had a good circle of security agencies, but they were left speechless by this attack.

On the other hand, it is a matter of tension that governments do not even have any special preparations to deal with such attacks. When a country like Saudi Arabia is failing to stop the continuous drone attacks, the technology of developing countries can be gauged by itself.

China Developed Security System Against Drones

Experts say that with currently existing air defence systems are extremely difficult to detect drones.

The reason for this is that drones are not only small, but also light and fly slowly and low.

At the same time, the metal or casing used in them sometimes cannot catch the radar. Advance air defence systems need to be built to detect them.

At the same time, Chinese military experts say that military observers said that drone strikes cannot do anything to China, because China has already developed a complete system to counter drone strikes, given security.

China made vehicle based laser system LW-30

In addition, China has built rifle-shaped devices to prevent drone attacks, which release jamming signals, so that the control system of the drone can be dismantled and forced landing.

Airshow China also showcased the vehicle-based laser system LW-30 at 2018, which can pinch many aerial devices such as photoelectric guidance equations, drones, guided bombs and mortars through high-energy lasers.

Military drones and counter-drone manufacturing companies have become active in China following the drone strikes in Saudi Arabia.