High Alert : 'False Negative' corona infected in India.

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Government concerns have increased with the finding of 'false negative' patients amidst the spread of corona infection in the country. The Health Ministry admitted that even in the country, now without symptoms, coronas are getting infected, it is a matter of concern. The risk of spreading the infection from such patients is high. Such patients are called 'Falls Negative'. About 30 percent of such patients have been found in the world.

The ministry's joint secretary Luv Aggarwal also expressed concern over the spread of infection among health workers. He told that, health workers are being trained to keep them safe. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has prepared a training module called 'Diksha', which will be trained for the nursing staff and all volunteers.

More than 1400 patients increased in three days, 38 deaths in two days, 410 cured

The number of corona infected patients in the country is increasing continuously. 1443 new patients have increased in three days. There are 773 new cases in 24 hours. At the same time, 38 people died in two days, which is the highest in 48 hours. The number of patients is now 5274. 149 people have lost.

Health Ministry Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that the central government is continuously working with the states to prevent infection. As the case progresses, our action also intensifies. Our effort is to break the infection. That is why strictness has been increased in hotspot areas in the states.

No deficiency of hydroxychloroquine in india

On the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drug used in the treatment of corona, Aggarwal said that there is no shortage in the country, nor will it be in the future. This medicine is prescribed only for use by health workers. Hence people should not take it without doctor's advice. Significantly, the government has lifted the ban on its exports.

It is estimated that the number of patients can be doubled in four days. This will directly affect hospitals. Excessive crowding of patients can lead to dislocation. Experts believe that if the level of testing increases, the number of infected people will also increase.

Investigation done at three times speed in second week of lockdown

There may be questions about the Corona investigation, but the central government is working on the investigation like the US and Italy. In these countries, the effect of corona is many times more than in India, but there too, the investigation was done most in the infection affected areas. On the same model, the Center expanded the scope of investigation into hotspot areas in the second week of lockdown.