Bhilwara Model Ground Report

Whose discussion across the country stopped this from becoming Wuhan

Bhilwara, which became the first corona zone in the country, has won the Great War against the virus. It is the only city in the country that defeated Corona in 20 days. This just was not possible. The Solid strategy of district administration, tough decisions, management like elections and insistence on winning.

The Collectorate staff worked awake all night and made Bhilwara unmatched. The situation deteriorated here so that the maximum of 27 patients came in Rajasthan. All of them were staff and patients of a private hospital. Frightened by the increasing numbers, the administration itself said, "Bhilwara is on a pile of gunpowder (corona)." But the courage remained.

On March 19, the first patient arrived. The next day, five more patients arrived, District Collector Rajendra Bhatt imposed a curfew. Many meetings daily, feedback from officials and planning. Reporting to the government. Sleep late at the night Same routine after getting up early. 10-day Mahakarfu on 3 April. This tough decision proved to be a milestone in the Great War.

willpower finally won. The city which was earlier known as Wuhan (Chinese city) of the country and Italy. Barring the death of serious patients there, the hard work of the doctors beat Corona. Healed 21 infected, including three doctors. There are 4 patients now. This is the reason why Bhilwara also received praise from the central government. This model of cluster containment is being implemented across the country, now the whole country will learn from Bhilwara how to fight Corona.

The main reason behind this is Double sanitation

Sanitization was done twice through the city council in 55 wards of the city. Hypochlorite was sprayed at one percent in every street, the colony.

Administration Sealed The Hospital In Bhilwara

First, the administration sealed the hospital with infected staff. A list of patients came out from 22 February to 19 March. There were 498 patients from 36 states in 4 states and 15 districts of Rajasthan. After informing the collector of all these, he got them isolated. Screened 253 staff of the hospital and 7 thousand patients of the district.

Screening of the country's largest 2.5 million people was conducted in Bhilwara district. Six thousand employees gathered. Identified people exposed to patients. More than 7 thousand suspects were placed in the home quarantine. Quarantined one thousand in 24 hotels, resorts, and Dharamshalas.

Isolation ward for corona patients in the Government Hospital of the district. The duty of doctors and medical staff working in it changed every week. They should not be infected with Corona, so after seven days of duty, they were also kept in Quarantine for 14 days. As a result, not one of the 69 staff has been infected so far.

In Bhilwara, we have won the Great War from Corona in the first phase. So far 21 patients have turned positive from negative. Of these, 15 were sent home. The central government has considered decisions and strategy as a model for us. All this was possible only with the support of the entire team. The people of Bhilwara also got full support. Now is the second phase of the great war. I am sure that we will win this with the cooperation of all the people. -Rajendra Bhatt, District Collector.