What is coronavirus, learn all about disease symptoms, treatment and prevention

So far 41 people have died due to Corona virus and more than 800 patients are infected due to this virus. An alert has been issued worldwide about this disease. In such a situation, we are giving you complete details about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of the disease

What is coronavirus, learn all about disease symptoms, treatment and prevention

The deadly and highly dangerous Corona virus that originated in China's Wuhan province has started taking people from Asian countries as well as the US and Europe.Talking only about China, 41 people have died and more than 800 patients have been infected due to this virus due to the spread of pneumonia caused by the Corona virus. There is a shutdown in 13 cities of China. Public transport has been closed in these 13 cities and the movement of crores of people has been banned. In India, vigilance has been fully increased in view of the fast-growing fear of the Corona virus. Aerial passengers coming from different countries are also being strictly investigated. What is the end of all this? Learn everything about the Corona virus, its symptoms, treatment and prevention…

What is Corona virus?

Corona virus is a large group of viruses that can cause common cold in humans, from serious respiratory problems. Apart from this, Corona virus can also cause fatal diseases like SARS and MERS. The virus is named after its shape. This virus can infect both animals and humans simultaneously. Research has revealed that this Corona virus has passed from snakes to humans. The virus is related to animals and has entered into the whole cell market of meat, poultry firms, snakes, bats or firm animals.

How dangerous is this virus?

Health officials around the world are cautious about this virus and are advising people to be vigilant, but the exact information about how dangerous this virus is has not been found so far.However, the World Health Organization WHO has refused to declare the Corona virus and the outbreak of pneumonia-like illness as an International Health Emergency.

What are the symptoms of Corona virus infection?

The Corona virus causes a mild infection in the respiratory tract, as is commonly seen in the common cold. However, the symptoms of this disease are very common and even if a person is not suffering from Corona virus, it can show such symptoms. like-

running nose

Severe headache

Cough and phlegm

bad sore

throat fever

Feeling tired and nauseous

Shortness of breath

Pneumonia Bronchitis

How to stop the Corona virus from spreading?

Necessary steps need to be taken to prevent this deadly virus from spreading. The WHO has also given some guidelines to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Monitoring of sick patients properly

Respiratory means if you see symptoms of respiratory disease, stay away from it

Avoid traveling to countries or places where the disease has spread

Wash hands thoroughly and take care of hands cleanliness

Keep your mouth and nose covered well while coughing or sneezing

Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth repeatedly with your hands and fingers

Avoid touching anything or shaking hands in public places, public transport

Can corona virus cause death?

Although the onset of the Corona virus is like a common cold or a cold or pneumonia, but if the case becomes severe, this infection can lead to severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure or multiple organ failure, which can lead to death.

What is the treatment of Corona virus

No vaccine has been prepared so far to fight this disease, but officials of the National Institute of Health of the US, NIH said on Wednesday that vaccines are being made to fight this disease of viral pneumonia spread due to Corona virus. Is and within 3 months the human trial of this vaccine i.e. the trial will start on humans.

Apart from this, it is treated like a common cold disease in which it is advised to take a lot of rest, to eat more fluids and to get fever and sore throat medicine.