Australia: forest fires to a large extent controlled, population of extinct species will be listed

Australia: forest fires to a large extent controlled, population of extinct species will be listed

Fire personnel working to control the huge fire in the forests of Australia said that it was controlled to a great extent on Monday. There is a possibility of rains here, which can be expected that some relief will be given to the rural areas devastated by forest fires.

Firemen say that the fire in the forests of New South Wales and Victoria province has been controlled to a great extent. There has been a fire here for the last four months. Commissioner Shane Fitzsimons of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service also visited the area on Monday.

He said that some parts are still burning but efforts to extinguish the fire are now succeeding. He said that this fire has also burnt an area of ​​about eight lakh hectares, three times larger than that of Greater London. Many wild animals and extinct creatures have been burned in this fire.

Drop vegetables for animals

Fruits and vegetables are being dropped by helicopter for hungry animals trapped in the forest. The species of animal and various birds has suffered the most in wildfires. Environment and Energy Minister said that along with overcoming fire, our priority is that we can also save maximum number of animals, birds and wild species.

Death toll in New Zealand volcano erupted 20

The death toll of a man who was badly injured in a volcanic eruption in New Zealand's White Island in December last year has risen to 20. Police gave this information after making a statement on Monday.

According to police, Paul Brown and his two daughters were rescued in a December 9 explosion on White Island. 21-year-old Crystal Brown was injured on 23 December. 17 people were confirmed dead in this accident.

The population of extinct species will be listed

Koala, a beautiful creature living on tall trees in Australia, can be declared an extinct species. The country's environment minister himself announced this on Monday.

In fact, a large number of koalas have been killed by fire in Australia's forests and 30 percent of their places of living have been completely destroyed. At the same time, the government has said to provide $ 700 million in aid for those killed in the bushfire.