Top 10 Great Success Rules Of Lord Krishna

Top 10 Great Success Rules Of Lord Krishna

The teachings of Shri Krishna are as important for the youth in this age as it was for Arjuna. Know how the essence of their given practical knowledge guarantees success even in today's competitive era. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita guides us on better ways to resolve doubts and conflicts in the mind.

We have been hearing stories of Lord Krishna and his precious thoughts from our ancestors from centuries. Every thought of Shree Krishna is priceless, if we put his thoughts in our life, there will never be unhappiness and unrest in our life. We will always be able to live happily.

श्रद्धावान्ल्लभते ज्ञानं तत्पर: संयतेन्द्रिय:।

ज्ञानं लब्ध्वा परां शान्तिमचिरेणाधिगच्छति॥

The meaning of this shloka is: A man of reverence, a man of restraint on his senses, be merciful, get knowledge with his readiness, then soon after attaining enlightenment one attains supreme peace

1)  It is not easy to get everything directly. Especially when you have a strong opposition. In this case, follow the path of diplomacy. Krishna is also considered to be the greatest diplomat.

2)  According to Lord Krishna, we should keep on doing good deeds and we should not waste our time in futile things nor should we be afraid of anyone.

3)  Lord Krishna proved that by supporting the Pandavas in difficult times, friends are the only ones who support you in the most difficult situation. There is no place for conditions in friendship, so you should also keep such friends around you who will be your support in every difficult situation.

4) If the Pandavas did not have the strategy of Lord Krishna, it would have been impossible for them to win in the war, so it is necessary to create a strategy before any competition.

5)  Shri Krishna says that we should not lose courage in times of trouble or if we do not get success. Instead, we should move forward knowing the reasons for defeat. If the fear is overcome by facing problems, then success is certain.

6)  Cannot find any happiness with anybody - neither in this world nor in the world Doubts make us sneaky and unstable. Due to suspicion, a person never takes courageous decisions and despite living hard, he lives life like a lost person.

7) Loard Krishna smiled always.Happiness comes from within- your circumstances don’t define you.

Right from his birth, Krishna faced a number of adversities. Yet he dealt with each and everyone of them with a smile on his face. In other words, he was living a Life of perpetual bliss. It’s probably the simplest lesson of all.

8) Delusion arises from anger.

The mind is bewildered by delusion. Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed.

9) This powerful quote of Lord Krishna is so true! A man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he becomes

10. Desire is one of the greatest destruction of happiness.

Along with this, Lord Shree Krishna has also said through his thoughts that the person who keeps repenting with the past, that person's present is spoiled, along with that he cannot do anything for his future. Finds

Krishna Thoughts On Life

The best thought of Lord Shree Krushna is If you do not control your mind, then it will start acting like your enemy.

We should learn from Lord Krishna that anyone who suspects or doubts others cannot find happiness anywhere.

Anger leads to foolishness, rumor destroys wisdom, and wisdom destroys a human.

Life is not in the past and the future, life is in this moment, means life is the experience of the present.

Hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed