Avoiding Panchanam: Talathi vs Ainari Rural Aggression

Vaibhavwadi - Bhui Bawada Talathi is avoiding the loss of money due to floods.

Avoiding Panchanam: Talathi vs Ainari Rural Aggression

Besides, they are ruthlessly treating the villagers and demanding immediate transfer of them, Aninari villagers have demanded from the tahsildar. Shiv Sena taluka chief Mangesh Loke has demanded Guardian Minister Deepak Kesarkar to take action against these divisions.

The village of Ainari is located in Ibwada Saja. Many houses, cattle and cashew gardens in Ainari have been damaged by millions due to floods. The villager Talathi Shri. Kadam insists; But they will not do it to the villagers. Do whatever you want to do, that kind of gives rude answers.

In this regard, Shiv Sena taluka chief Mangesh Loke has also appealed to Guardian Minister Deepak Kesarkar and the Collector. They said in a statement. Talathi Shri. Due to Kadam many works in the village of Ainari have been stopped. When there was a need to provide immediate support to the farmers who were in distress due to the flood, Talathi Shri. The steps are making people more upset. However, they have demanded that they be investigated and prosecuted.

Ainari villagers have made a request to us. The decision will be taken according to the advice of the seniors, confirming their statement. - Ramdas Jhalke, Tahsildar, Vaibhavwadi.

The village has been in Talathi for the last two years and the villagers are not doing well. Therefore, in 2017, it was decided in Ainari Gram Sabha that they should be transferred from their village. Now, the villagers have demanded that the Tahsildars be taken out of the village immediately after taking an aggressive role.