Top 5 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

To 5 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

Diabetes is emerging as a big challenge. Diseases caused by diabetes are very dangerous which can also take the life of a patient. The early signs of diabetes can be identified and controlled easily. Diabetes can be controlled to some extent through regular exercise and special diet. If you have diabetes then you have to take special care of your diet and there are some things that should not be eaten.

Can we eat munakka in diabetes i.e Raisins ?

Patients with diabetes should also avoid eating dry fruits. Especially raisins should be avoided as it is the concentrated form of fresh fruits. While a cup of grapes contains just 27 grams of carbohydrate, the amount of carbohydrate in a cup of raisins increases to 115 grams. Because of this diabetes patients should not consume raisins.

Can diabetics eat sapota fruit ?

Diabetic patients should keep chiku away from their diet. This fruit is very sweet and its glycemic index is also increased. Consuming it increases the level of sugar.

Fat milk

Milk contains balanced amounts of nutrients. For this reason, all individuals are advised to include milk in their diet. But diabetes patients should avoid fat milk. Fat can increase the amount of insulin in the body. Instead of full-fat milk, you can use low-fat milk.

Can diabetics eat potatoes ?

Potato is a vegetable that is most commonly used. It is rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, copper, lutein and manganese. Consumption of potato is very beneficial for the skin. But even after being filled with so many qualities, it is harmful for diabetes patients. Potatoes also have higher levels of glycemic index with higher carbohydrate levels, which increases blood sugar levels.

White rice

White rice does not digest quickly, due to which the blood glucose level increases immediately. Instead of white rice, you should consume brown rice.

What fruits diabetics should avoid ?

1) Sweet Packaged Products

Quit drinking coke, pepsi and packed juice. Especially cold drinks like Coke, Pepsi have high sugar content. It contains fructose, which increases the risk of fatty liver, severe diabetes related problems. The list also includes chiny drinks, flavored coffee, fruity yogurt, ice-cream and sweet peanut butter.

Drink fruit fresh juice instead of packaged juice. With this, you will get the necessary fiber along with vitamins.

2) Processed food

It is okay to stay away from things like chips, biscuits, french fries and noodles. These mines are high in salt and lack of carbohydrates, so they immediately increase the sugar level. Excess of salt increases the risk of hypertension and heart disease.