Top 10 symptoms of diabetes in women

Top 10 symptoms of diabetes in women

Today it is common to have a disease like diabetes. Along with the cities, the danger of diabetes has started in rural areas. Diabetes is particularly common in women and children. There are many forms of diabetes, one of them being type 1 diabetes type.

In diabetes, insulin stops in the body, in which the pancreas gland stops functioning smoothly. In addition to insulin, several types of hormones are produced in this gland. Diabetes danger signs are easily identifiable. Let's know about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in women

Type 1 diabetes - Type 1 diabetes stops producing insulin hormone. In such a situation, insulin is needed to control the increased amount of glucose in the body. If the amount of insulin is not full in the body, then the diabetes patient may be suffering from many other terrible diseases or may go into a coma.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in women

1) The most prominent symptom of type 1 diabetes in women is weakness in the body.

2) Become Unconscious : In diabetes 1, insulin deficiency occurs. Due to this, the cells present in the body stop getting sugar, due to which the energy of the body decreases and the body starts to become weak, which leads to dizziness and fainting. In addition to these symptoms, many times perspiration occurs and the heartbeat increases.

3) Frequent Urination and Thirst : Urination is also one of the signs of diabetes risk in women and thirst is also very high in diabetes 1. In fact, due to excessive accumulation of sugar in the blood, the sugar is released through urine. Frequent urination also causes a person to feel thirsty again and again.

4) Headache complaint : Stopping insulin production causes headaches due to lack of energy in the body, which also increases the risk of brain diseases. Lack of insulin leads to fatigue all the time.

5) Feeling Hungry : In type 1 diabetes, there is a lot of hunger due to which there is a risk of weight gain. However, in some women, weight loss also occurs on the contrary.

6) Blurred vision : Diabetes also brings with it many other problems. In type 1 diabetes, women tend to look less often and sometimes fainter. Sometimes some infected diseases like skin problems etc. also start happening.

7) Sudden weight starts decreasing rapidly at the beginning of diabetes. The weight of a women suddenly decreases compared to normal days.

8) Vaginal and oral yeast infections and vaginal thrush: An overgrowth of yeast caused by the Candida fungus can cause vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections, and vaginal thrush. These infections are common in women. Oral yeast infections often cause a white coating on the tongue and inside the mouth. High levels of glucose in the blood trigger the growth of fungus.

9) Skin diseases : Many skin diseases start in the onset of diabetes. Common skin infections become major wounds.

10) Urinary infections: The risk of a urinary tract infection (UTI) is higher in women who have diabetes. UTIs develop when bacteria enter the urinary tract. These infections can cause. UTIs are common in women with diabetes mostly due to the immune system being compromised because of hyperglycemia.

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