initial symptoms of Type I and Type II diabetes

Diabetes is very serious topic in our life .Diabetes is due to imbalance or increase in blood sugar levels.Read this some early symptoms of diabetes.

initial symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is due to imbalance or increase in blood sugar levels.Diabetes is caused by a decrease in the amount of insulin produced in the body.Because glucose, along with insulin, goes into every cell and produces energy for the work. Ninety-nine percent of people with diabetes suffer from 'type 2 diabetes'. This type of diabetes can be caused by obesity, heredity, difficulty with insulin production. There are two types of dibetese type TYPE 1 and TYPE 2. Here some diabetes symptoms . 

1.Exessive Thirst:

As such, drinking plenty of water is very important for good health. But if you feel the need to drink water even after drinking plenty of water, then it can be a matter of concern.

2.Frequent Urination:

When you have diabetes, you feel the need to use the washroom more than necessary. In fact, with frequent washrooms, more sugar present in the bloodstream comes out of the body and is a symptom of diabetes. If you feel the need to go to the toilet excessively, contact your doctor immediately.

3.Weakness or Tiredness:

If you feel tired even after getting full sleep then it can also be a matter of concern. Actually, carbohydrates in the body of people suffering from diabetes are not able to break properly. Due to this, the body does not get full energy from food. Due to lack of energy, tiredness is felt in the body. If you also feel more tired, then it would be better to get yourself checked.

4.Exessive Hunger:

Excessive hunger can also be a symptom of diabetes. Actually, the cells present in the body are not able to absorb the sugar present in the body due to hindering insulin production. Due to this, energy is not produced properly in the body, due to which more hunger starts.

5.Blurred vision:

One of the symptoms of diabetes is that in this disease there is a difference in the eyesight and you get blurred. So keep checking your blood sugar periodically.

6.Wound healing:

Any kind of injury to people suffering from diabetes does not heal quickly. If your injury also takes longer to heal, then do not ignore it at all. Actually, when the sugar level is high, the bacteria infection occurs. In addition, slowing of blood circulation in the body also does not cure injury quickly.

7. Tingling in hands / feet / numbness in hands and feet:

Initial Symptoms of Diabetes If you have diabetes and you do not control it for a long time, it can damage you nerves, which is called diabetic neuropathy. Hands and feet send signals only with the help of these nerves. But due to the damage to the nerves, the signals are not able to pass properly and you feel tingling in hands and feet.

8. Wound and swelling in gums:

Diabetes can weaken your ability to fight germs, due to which there is an increased risk of infection in the bones that hold your gums and teeth. In this case, your gums may be removed from the teeth, your teeth may become loose, or your gums may have sores, pus or swelling.

If you notice any possible diabetes symptoms, contact your doctor. The earlier the condition is dignosed, the sooner treatment can begin.

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