Diabetes during pregnancy What is the effect and what we do against diabetes during pregnancy

Some tips for pregnant diabetic patient

Diabetes during pregnancy What is the effect and what we do against diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes and pregnant women are enemies. Some indian womens are having diabetes. It can lead to many different types of questions. It can affect the fetus. The baby and the mother are both at high risk. Moreover, it is a stellar workout that can be strictly managed without reducing glucose. Because of this, when the pregnant woman comes with increased sugar, it is very scary to the doctor.

If blood sugar is high during pregnancy, it is known as 'gestational diabetes'. Blood sugar levels are usually checked for a period of 3 to 6 weeks of pregnancy to diagnose this. Since pregnant women are more likely to have diabetes, every pregnant woman should take this test. This test tests blood sugar levels two hours after drinking 1 gram of sugar solution. A pregnant woman is diagnosed with diabetes if she is below the level given below.

90 mg/dl on emty stomach
Over 1 mg / dl one hour after food
Over 2 mg / dl two hours after food

What problem do baby and mother face?
An important distinction should be noted here. There is a fundamental difference between a woman with diabetes getting pregnant and being diagnosed with diabetes for the first time during pregnancy. The first group is also diabetes at the moment the baby is born in the abdomen. That means the baby has to deal with the increased glucose in the mother's blood from the first moment. Naturally, if the mother's glucose is not under control while the baby's organs are being created and those senses are growing,has to suffer its side effects. This raises the possibility of a child having a congenital illness in such women. Often, there may be a defect in the brain structure. Many times it takes time for her to realize that she is pregnant until her medication continues. There is no evidence that these drugs will have any adverse effect on the fetus.
When a woman first becomes diabetes after becoming pregnant, the situation is slightly different. Because by then the woman has entered the second trimester of pregnancy, all the senses of the baby are already ready. Due to this, the chances of the baby being born are very low. Of course, glucose needs to be maintained until the baby's growth can be affected.

What do I need to do to control my mother's glucose?
During this time(Diabetes), no drugs can be used that will have adverse effects on the fetus. Insulin is 100 percent reliable drug. Of course, some doctors say that mouth-to-mouth medications, such as metformin or glycoside, tell the baby nothing. There is also the fact of the matter. But still, such institutions do not make such recommendations. So it is good not to have a toxicity test. The safest used insulin well.It should also be mentioned here that eating and drinking should be strictly maintained. A diet should be planned in such a way that the baby's growth should be smooth and the mother's glucose controlled. For this the dietitian should be consulted on occasion.

What else to take care of?
Start with the diagnosis first. Diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy is different, keeping in mind that pregnant women are diagnosed at lower levels than other people. Many diabetic women have high blood pressure, may have elevated cholesterol. When they become pregnant, they should change their diabetes medication and start insulin as well as change their blood pressure medication.Cholesterol drugs should be completely discontinued. Whatever other Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines are taken, they should be brought to the doctor's attention. Then it is important to follow the instructions that the doctor tells you. This involves keeping a close eye on the baby, its growth. It is important to do sonography periodically, to see that your glucose is under control for 24 hours. It is best to have a glucose test at home. Because sometimes glucose needs to be checked seven to eight times a day.Finally one thing to be aware of is that as the days progress, the dose of insulin increases. So it is equally important to regularly check glucose and stay in touch with a doctor.

What to do after diagnosis?

Properly controlled diet is one of the main treatment for gestational diabetes. Diet planning should be done under the guidance of your doctor / dietician. So that the dietary elements needed during pregnancy will also be available and the blood sugar will remain under control. Such a plan can help prevent pregnancy diabetes. Although blood sugar is not controlled in this way, diabetes experts recommend medicines and insulin.

How Does Diabetes Affect Pregnancy?

Because of the high blood sugar levels, the baby's growth rate in the womb is high and can lead to childbirth or natural delivery. Mothers are at risk of getting infected.

How Does Pregnancy Diabetes Affect a Baby?

Pregnancy diabetes can have the following effects on a baby and are treatable.
1. Decrease in blood sugar.
2. Childbirth injuries due to difficult obstetrics.
3. Respiratory problems.
4. Jaundice
5.Increased levels of red blood cells are needed.
your. Decreased blood levels of magnesium and calcium.

Is the mother likely to have diabetes after childbirth?
Women who already have diabetes continue to have it after preganancy also diabetes. For those who are diabetic for the first time during pregnancy, glucose comes to normal with the birth of a baby. But they may become diabetic diabetes in the future. For this, they should check their glucose every six months. Whether or not babies will develop diabetes depends on their forward thinking. If the diet is well maintained, But they may become diabetes in the future.

If the thing about diabetes during pregnancy , then diet plan must be done. So lets find out what the diet of during pregnancy diabetes should be or should be avoided . Because your sugar should still be in control and the baby will not suffer at all , nor should be deficient in the developement of the baby.

So here is indian diet plan for diabetes women

In Diabetes heavymeals should be avoided.meals high in starch may strike to sugar level in high level

1.In diabetes you should prefer fiber and protein rich food in your meals. And as a mid morning and mid evening (salad,/fruit//buttermilk/nuts). So your sugar level increases slowly.So prefer fiber and protein food in your regular meals.Protein foods keep your hunger satiated for longer period .While fibrous food is easy to broke down for digest.

2. You can prefer high snacks ,which will not increase your sugar level such as a rajgira / jowar in diabetes.

3. In dry fruits , avoid dates , dry figs as it increase sugar levels prefer these when your blood sugar is on lower side (<100m/dl) during diabetes.

4. Take a good combination of complex carbohydrates , protein and fibers in your meal. It is good for a diabetes.

Source of complex carbohydrates : whole grain and cereals, brown rice.

Source of protein: non-vegterian egg, chicken,fish etc.

vegterian: milk and milk product, pulses, sprout, nuts.

Source of fiber: Green salad, sprouts, fruits, green leafy vegetables.

Take one cereal at a time in your meals as either chapati /bhakari or rice.

If you are overweight or obese them prefer low fat food or low fat skimmed milk ,egg white , chicken, fish , in grilled or steamy soya , paneer in your diet.

Prefer low glycemic index foods in your diet.