Can Sreesanth play again ?

BCCI Ombudsman reduces S Sreesanth's life ban to 7 years

BCCI Ombudsman reduces S Sreesanth's life ban to 7 years

Sreesanth was banned for life after being found guilty of IPL spot-fixing. However, the apex court had directed the BCCI to reconsider this life sentence and give its verdict within six months. Subsequently, in the BCCI, D. K Jain was appointed and the matter was handed over to him. Ruling on this, the Ombudsman said that Sreesanth had spent a lot of time out of the field during his candidature and had suffered a sentence of almost five years. As a result, he has been sentenced to 3 years in jail by lifting a lifetime ban on him.His ban will expire on September 7. He can then return to the cricket field.

The High court had ruled that Sreesanth's behavior was inappropriate during spot-fixing. So while the ban on you from the BCCI is very stringent and there is no evidence to prove that you are involved in illegal things,This was stated by Sreesanth before a bench of Judges Ashok Bhushan and KM Joseph. Sreesanth also cited the example of former captain Mohammad Azharuddin, saying that no cricketer was punished so harshly. Mohammed Azharuddin, who was found guilty of match-fixing, was allowed by the BCCI to return to the cricket administration and contest the presidency of the Hyderabad Cricket Association,His lawyer Salman Khurshid had given such information to the bench. So if Azharuddin can get a chance again, why not Sreesanth? The question was raised by Sreesanth's lawyers. Sreesanth was eventually given this comfort.

Spot fixing and betting case IPL 2013

Sreesanth was arrested by Delhi Police from Mumbai on charges of IPL spot-fixing. After that, the BCCI had decided to impose a lifetime ban on Sreesanth and impose a fine of Rs 5 lakh, but Sreesanth said that the decision to impose a lifetime ban was inappropriate. Sreesanth later claimed that he had confessed to the crime in fear of the police.Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and 17 other people (including 14 alleged bookies) who were arrested by the Delhi Police were released on bail on 10 June 2013 by a Delhi court due to lack of evidence to be charged under MCOCA

List of Indian cricketers who were banned because of match-fixing

1) Ajay Sharma in 2000

2) Manoj Prabhakar in 1999

3)Ajay Jadeja in 2001

4) Mohammed Azharuddin in 2000