Hong Kong protesters disrupt train services, cause commuter chaos

The dispute over Hong Kong against China, which has been raging for the past three months due to extradition authority, has been in turmoil since August 5th.

Hong Kong protesters disrupt train services, cause commuter chaos

As opportunities for material and economic advancement arise, a new class of ruling elites has emerged in many places, assuming that no issues exist, such as Asmita, regional identity and so on. Such 'only progressive' leaders are likely to open their eyes if they observe the events in Hong Kong. Apparently the reason behind the agitation seems very trivial. The local administration took the necessary authority from itself to allow the suspected criminals of Hong Kong to be extradited directly to China, and the atmosphere began to heat up.With the Hong Kong administration's decision, the local administration can make anyone suspected of a criminal. The local administration intended to send such suspects to China for further action. He temporarily avoided the agitation. But there was no doubt about it. The past few weeks have seen this one-city country go down, and since August 5, the situation seems to have gone out of control.

On that day, the protesters called for the 'Hong Kong Closure' and the shocking thing was that government employees also participated. "We are in the service of the people and the service of the government is not the service of the people," replied the employees. The agitating students have taken over Hong Kong airport from Monday night, and as a result, all airlines have been shut down. The efforts of the Chinese government to withdraw the protesters have also been wasted and the protesters are in no mood to listen. In the neighboring country, the play is very important.

Hong Kong was once a British colony. In 1997 The British handed over the island to China. According to the agreement at that time, China guaranteed Hong Kong autonomy. Hong Kong City is the global financial hub.Many financial companies, banks have their headquarters there and this is the residence of citizens of many countries.

It is important to note that the leadership and priority of this movement is the participation of the young students.And they are not ready to face any pressure from China. Recently, China warned its sovereign military. The same did not affect the students. Millions of students have staged protests at the airport itself. They had to use force to remove them. The question of whether China can have 'two systems in one country' is true. This is not the place to say how China is as a country